Dragon Quest Builders May Come To Nintendo NX


Square Enix are to consider bringing their sandbox action RPG Dragon Quest Builders to Nintendo NX, news that will come as no surprise after Dragon Quest 10: Awakening of the Five Race Online and Dragon Quest 11: In Search of Departed Time were confirmed for the “dedicated game platform.”

Dragon Quest series producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto shared that the publisher was aware that, thanks to the game’s family-orientated nature, it was an ideal match for Nintendo’s traditional audience.

He even went as far to say as Dragon Quest is seen as “very compatible” with Nintendo consumers, but added that he was unaware whether a Nintendo NX port would actually happen.

With Dragon Quest 7: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King remakes headed exclusively to Nintendo 3DS in the west, it’s clear that they are already working hard to increase brand awareness.

Perhaps it will be time to capitalise on it, when Nintendo NX launches worldwide in March 2017.

Dragon Quest Builders will release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in North America on October 11th, and Europe on October 14th.

[Thanks DualShockers]
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