Door Kickers: Action Squad Blasts Bad Guys On Nintendo Switch This Summer

Door Kickers: Action Squad Logo

KillHouse Games have announced when Door Kickers: Action Squad will release on Nintendo Switch, a crazy old-school, action side-scroller that pits Law Enforcement against bad guys and other unspoken horrors.

After literally kicking the doors down, it will challenge you to blast bad guys and rescue hostages in single-player or co-op multiplayer.

With extra missions and content compared to the PC release, there are intense scenarios that you must overcome such as Hostage Rescue, Bomb Defusal, and Zombie Invasion.

“From day one we designed Action Squad around the old school, shared screen coop experience that we had in our youth and wanted to recreate to maximum effect for our players” explains mastermind KillHouse Games game designer Dan Dimitrescu.

“It all falls into place so that you will have lots of fun in single player but are always able to bring over a friend and continue playing together, trying tactics and ideas or just improvising on the fly,

“And it comes as no surprise that at Gamescom, PAX and wherever we’ve shown our game – people would come over and urge us to get it out on their consoles. It’s a natural fit and the game plays best on a controller.”

Door Kickers: Action Squad will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2019.

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