Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D sees new content


Whilst we’ve known that Donkey Kong and his simian sidekick Diddy are swinging their way to Nintendo 3DS in May, we haven’t learnt much about what’s new to Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.

However, the game’s description on Nintendo UK’s site has now revealed new additions.

Whilst you’ll get all the original content of the original Wii game, players can tackle it co-operatively on Nintendo 3DS through local player.

Whereas its Wii debut had proved a challenge for some players to tackle, a new difficulty mode will make the game more accessible – seeing you granted with more health, the opportunity to spend Banana Coins in Cranky Kong’s shop, new items that save you from falls, use of DK Barrels whenever you like, and allowing either the Mine Cart or Rocket Barrel to take a second hit before tumbling toward your doom.

[Thanks GoNintendo]

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