Ditto’s Transform Move Discovered In Pokémon GO Data Mine


With Pokémon GO‘s version 0.45.0 software update now rolling out worldwide, it hasn’t taken long for data miners to start poking around looking for secrets.

That has led to the discovery that preparations are underway to add the second generation Pokémon, but The Silph Road‘s tinkering has similarly discovered that the move Transform now appears in the GAME_MASTER file with its own animation sequence and the APK code.

“While it may seem Ditto is now in the game, the GAME_MASTER file does not currently include the recently added move TRANSFORM in Ditto’s movesets,” The Silph Road clarifies. “Currently, the only move Ditto knows is: STRUGGLE. It is possible that TRANSFORM may never officially become a Ditto ‘move’ so to speak, but will instead simply be an ‘occurrence’ that happens every time Ditto enters combat. Notably, however, the TRANSFORM animation sequence was not only added as an animation sequence, but as a ‘move’ in the movelist in the APK code.”

Niantic CEO John Hanke has remained tight-lipped when asked about how players will be able to catch Ditto. “I can’t tell you how to find Ditto, because that wouldn’t be any fun when you did find him if you did,” Hanke had shared at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016. “It will happen for you, I promise.”

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