Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Matches With Nintendo Switch On November 8th

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival E3 2019 Screenshot

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced when Disney Tsum Tsum Festival will release on Nintendo Switch.

Bringing to life Disney’s popular stuffed Tsum Tsum toys, you will be challenged in party games that can be played with friends and family whether at home or on the go.

Those party games will include Tsum Tsum Mania, where players will aim for UFOs in a shooting game, and Ice Cream Stacker, where they will try to build the biggest ice cream possible by stacking scoops.

With the chance to play against up to four players on a single console or online with Tsum Tsum fans from around the world, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival stars a large roster of Disney characters that includes Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

It will also include Disney Tsum Tsum, the popular mobile puzzler in which you must match Tsum Tsum to connect and pop them – which is also supported with local and online multiplayer options.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch in Japan on October 10th, and worldwide on November 8th.

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