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Disney Magical World Review

If there are worlds that can enchant just as much as Nintendo’s, they are those conjured by Disney. The animation powerhouse has been delighting audiences ever since Mickey Mouse whistled his wa...

7 Good

Disney Magical World casts a spell over Europe on October 24th

Those across North America have already been enjoying Disney Magical World, and Nintendo have now confirmed when it will launch across Europe. And it sounds like customisation is key to this 3DS exclu...


Disney Magical World sparkles in launch trailer

Disney Magical World has now launched across North America, with a new launch trailer celebrating such fact. It welcomes prospective players to Castleton, where Mickey and Minnie Mouse will greet you ...


Disney Magical World receives new features trailer

With the 3DS exclusive now approaching release across North America, Nintendo have shared a new features trailer for Disney Magical World. It explores the range of activities that players can enjoy wi...


Disney Magical World’s first English trailer debuts

We first learned about Disney Magical World‘s localisation last month, when Nintendo of America announced that the 3DS exclusive would see release on April 11th. Now we can see it in action, wit...


Disney Magical World set for April 11th release

Disney Magical World has been confirmed for release across North America, set to cast its distinct charm over 3DS owners from Friday 11th April. Developed by Namco Bandai in partnership with Disney Ja...

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