Disney Magical World 2 to lean heavily on Frozen content


We already knew that Bandai Namco Entertainment were calling on Disney’s smash hit Frozen to cast an icy spell over Disney Magical World 2: My Happy Life, but we can now learn more about what they have in store.

Destructoid recently had chance to take a demo for a spin, with their early impressions sharing that the Nintendo 3DS exclusive will continue to build on the foundations seen in the game’s predecessor.

The demo opened with players meeting Olaf, who asks for help in locating Elsa and Anna. This introduces the dungeon adventures, wandering between smaller areas as you explore with enemy encounters providing particularly basic combat scenarios. Different attacks are at your disposal, but it remains an experience targeted at a younger demographic.

Rejoining Frozen’s stars, you can then follow them to town where the games opens up to shopping, taking snaps and enjoying minigames.

Disney Magical World 2: My Happy Life will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 8th.

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