Disney Infinity sequel confirmed to be in the works


With the original having been responsible for helping Disney Interactive secure a 38 percent growth in revenues as well as securing 600 percent growth in quarterly operating income compared to the past year, a Disney Infinity sequel has unsurprisingly been confirmed.

Disney Company chairman and CEO Bob Iger revealed plans for “new iterations” that would use “a broader set” of the company’s extensive characters.

“On the interactive front there will be new iterations of Infinity,” he explained during an investor’s call. “What that game prove to us is the strength of that platform – basically the game-play itself which was great, and the fact that Disney characters, Disney intellectual property could work on that platform, so that’s a big deal. So what’s next of course is, new iterations of that, a 2.0 or 3.0 and mining a broader set of our more popular characters.”

The company will refocus their resources behind such clear goals, looking more toward licensing than publishing on console and therefore seeing their development teams left to work flat out on successive Disney Infinity releases.

[Thanks Games Industry International]

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