Dinosaur Planet was originally a Diddy Kong Racing-inspired adventure game


Former Rare employee Phil Tossell has shed light on the early development of Dinosaur Planet, the project that eventually became Star Fox Adventures.

“Actually, it was supposed to be a hybrid of Diddy Kong Racing and an adventure game,” Tossell explained to Retro Gamer. “Every level would have some kind of track in it and a race as part of the story. It took a while to settle down…”

It wasn’t until Shigeru Miyamoto stepped in to point out similarities with Star Fox, a discussion that soon resulted in Rare being granted the opportunity to use the character within the project.

“It seemed like a no-brainer,” Tossell continued. “They’re offering this great character from this great franchise! I was attached to Dinosaur Planet but I love the original Star Fox. Our only concerns were how we could fit it into this game we have.”

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