Dillon’s Rolling Western available worldwide

the rolling western

Nintendo have confirmed that Dillon’s Rolling Western is now available through Nintendo eShop across Europe, North America and Japan.

Players are invited to join Dillon, the ranger armadillo, as he sets out across the Wild West to save villages and their livestock – the cute ‘scrogs’ – from invading rock monsters known as ‘grock’.

This unique action tower defence game for Nintendo 3DS takes place during the day, dusk and night, each seeing you tasked with overcoming different challenges and tasks. During the daytime there are no grock around, so you can build static defences around each village, including watch towers and gun towers, and collect as many scruffles (a turnip-like vegetable!) to increase the number of scrogs in the village.

As dusk falls, grock will begin to rise from cracks in the ground and will approach the village in search of the scrogs – putting your defenses to the test. You’ll also be able to utilise Dillon’s combat moves, such as rolling and charging, to eradicate enemies using the stylus and touch screen.

During the night, you can earn extra money by talking to characters in the saloon and through completing the side-quests that they ask you to complete.

Dillon’s Rolling Western is available worldwide through Nintendo eShop.

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