Digital Foundry Performs Monster Hunter Generations Frame Rate Test


After Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sported higher quality textures and an improved frame rate on New Nintendo 3DS, many have been wondering whether Monster Hunter Generations would share the same improvements.

Digital Foundry has analysed Capcom’s latest adventure, comparing the game’s performance on Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS. That reveals that there is more parity between the old and revised hardware, with textures, geometry and draw distances being identical.

That means that there is untapped power on the New Nintendo 3DS, while a capped frame rate now sees the game running at a consistent 30 frames per second on both systems. There is some stuttering when playing on a standard Nintendo 3DS, although there aren’t any significant dips in performance.

The only real difference is that loading screens are notably faster on the New Nintendo 3DS model which, on average, load four seconds faster, which will soon add up over the course of your playthrough.

Monster Hunter Generations is now available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Europe and North America.

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