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The first boxed retail game on the Nintendo DS to be funded solely by Kickstarter is now available to purchase, but is it worth a punt?

Jason Rohrer’s Diamond Trust of London is a virtual board game, in which the object of the game is to simply have the most diamonds after a set number of turns have passed. Doesn’t immediately sound particularly thrilling, right?

Yet, to ensure victory players must bribe and cut illicit deals, whilst spying on their competitors. UN inspectors, for instance, can be bribed to move tactically to stopped your opponent(s) from mining their diamonds.


The game can be a thrilling tactical battle, but sadly this is only achieved when playing in multiplayer. As there is no online multiplayer, you will need to have access to someone else with a Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS to make the most of this.

The presentation is fairly basic and there is no tutorial to ease you into things, leaving the player to figure everything out for themselves. You’ll have to play in single-player against the AI to learn the ropes before competing against real opponents.


I’ve had a lot of fun playing this against my wife and would heartily recommend the game to anyone who can also play local multiplayer on a regular basis. If you can’t, this may not be the best use of your cash.

Based upon its single-player content, the game is quite pricey for what is on offer, although as it will soon be rare collectors should see value in the purchase.

Those interested must buy through the game’s official site, with copies being in strictly limited quantities. So hurry, before Diamond Trust of London is gone forever.

Version Tested: Nintendo DS

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