Devil Survivor 2 achieves pre-order target and heads to Europe


Having sought support from fans in order to ensure Devil Survivor 2 could be localised, Ghostlight have confirmed that their goal has been achieved.

“I’ve got some fantastic news for you… *clears throat* … it seems that after a herculean push over the last week, I am delighted to say that Devil Survivor 2 has reached its pre-order target!” shares Ghostlight’s Ross Brierley.

“I think you’re all aware by now, but we genuinely couldn’t have done this without your incredible support – you have all truly been the difference in making sure that Devil Survivor 2 receives its well deserved European release.”

Those that helped secure the Nintendo DS title’s release through pre-ordering will see their names featured within the manual, whilst regular pre-orders are still available to those still wishing to grab a copy.

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