Two Tribes


RIVE: Ultimate Edition

Infiltrate a ruined starship and start causing chaos in RIVE: Ultimate Edition, a sci-fi twin-stick shooter for Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch that combines exploration, platforming and inten...



In RUSH's fully three dimensional levels, players need to guide cubes to colour-coded exit points using Conveyor Belts, Warps, Stops Signs, Splits and more! The game can be easily controlled ...



In EDGE, the retro-inspired platformer, players take direct control of the cube and roll their way around the game's dozens of levels.


Toki Tori

While the classic gameplay has remained intact, Toki Tori has been adapted to make use of the Wii U GamePad, allowing for Off-TV Play and optional touch controls. Toki Tori's gameplay is a bl...


Toki Tori 2

Toki Tori 2 is a puzzle adventure game in which you explore a lush forest island inhabited by strange creatures. Whistle and stomp to influence their behaviour, and solve the puzzles. But what's...


Toki Tori

He may be a small, yellow chicken, but Toki Tori is no coward! He's the hero of this egg-cellent puzzle platformer, and must rescue all his kidnapped brothers and sisters, who are still in their f...

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