Destroy A Computer Virus In Exception On Nintendo Switch This Summer

Exception Screenshot

Traxmaster Software has announced that Exception will release on Nintendo Switch this summer.

After an old lady’s computer is taken over by Titan – a totalitarian virus that will destroy the operating system – you set out the vanquish the malicious invader before the system crashes.

The timed byte-sized levels rotate and move in this unique combat platformer, which challenges you to overcome enemies and obstacles as quickly as possible to score a place on the online leaderboards.

Whether you want to evade your enemies or leap straight into combat, you will enjoy two-dimensional action in a three-dimensional world – with the chance to uncover secret pathways and collectibles.

“As a hardcore NES nerd, I feel inspired by games like Ninja-Gaiden and Castlevania and feel like simplicity is the key to a great gaming experience,” explains Traxmaster Software founder Will Traxler.

“Exception has this old school vibe with a modern rotating twist that takes advantage of today’s 3D technology. It’s a game which is easy to pick up and play and will bring joy for a novice gamer just as much as it will for a professional speedrunner.”

Exception will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide this summer.

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