Descent Reboot Fights For Mankind’s Survival On Nintendo Switch In Early 2019

descent screenshot

Little Orbit has announced that Descent will release on Nintendo Switch, reimagining the classic first-person shooter for a new generation.

Earth is starved. Resourced have dwindled, governments have fallen and the remnants of human civilisation now belong to ruthless megacorporations.

Mankind’s survival has come to depend on water and minerals from deep space. Brave pilots fight deep within asteroids with their efforts broadcast back to Earth for entertainment, as they hunt for what the planet needs to survive.

With classic six-degrees-of-freedom action, you will have the chance to pilot 20 different ships with their own roles and play styles – with the chance to customise their noses, wings, skins, paint jobs and research tech tree upgrades.

Descent will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2019.

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