Denpa Men’s RPG Free! is latest 3DS free-to-play game


Western audiences may have only just been treated to The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll, but Genius Sonority have already revealed their next plans for the dungeon-crawling series in Denpa Men’s RPG Free!

This will continue to use the AR functionality of the 3DS, with your Denpa Men party adventuring through dungeons as in previous games. Although this latest iteration is free-to-play, with players able to part with their cash to purchase items.

You will need to build a balanced party to succeed, with the developer looking to incorporate different features to connect you with other players and special stages that can grant your Denpa Men more experience.

Denpa Men’s RPG Free! will release for 3DS through the Nintendo eShop across Japan on 23rd July 2014.

[Thanks Siliconera]
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