Den of Trials uncovered in Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Version 2.0.0 Update


Nintendo has pushed live a Version 2.0.0 update for The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, which primarily unlocks the new Den of Trials area.

Revealed within last month’s Nintendo Direct, this delivers more than 30 new stages with the addition accompanied by Linbeck’s Uniform and Fierce Deity Mail outfits.

Nintendo has shared patch notes for the update that detail every change, with Friendly Token purchases, new Miiverse stamps and gameplay tweaks.

Version 2.0.0

  • Den of Trials will be added.
  • Over 30 stages will be unlocked in the Den of Trials (each one goes progressively deeper underground).

  • 2 new outfits will be added.
  • These will be unlocked after clearing certain requirements in the game.

  • A new method for obtaining Friendly Tokens will be added.
  • Friendly Tokens can be obtained from the street vendor after Princess Styla’s curse has been lifted.

  • Miiverse stamps will be added.
  • Players with similar styles of play will be matched up (teamed up) more frequently during online play.
  • Users will be matched up with other players based on their answers to a series of questions prior to being matched up.

  • Users will be able to add other users to their blacklist if they exit the game through the pause menu during the game.
  • After their teammate exits the game, users will be able to add them to their blacklist by tapping the teammate’s Hero Panel and pressing the A (or B) button before saving the game.

  • Adjustments will also be made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.
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