Demon Skin Locks In September Release Date

Demon Skin Key Art

Buka Entertainment and LUDUS FUTURE have confirmed a release date for Demon Skin on Nintendo Switch.

This brutal 2D hack-and-slash game will plunge you into a harsh dark fantasy world, where you will join the Order of Wanderers to “become an axe-tossing, realm-crossing, boss-bossing brute locked in battle with hordes of demons and their sinister masters.”

To survive hostile worlds, you will be challenged to parry incoming strikes, dodge traps and out-sprint annihilation. To succeed you will need to target weak points in an enemy’s armour, before pillaging their corpses for weapons to open up even more devastating combos to use.

The console port will also have a new playable chapter, which is “accessible part-way through the main adventure” and promises to “hurtle players into the past to explore events before the game’s cataclysmic opening scenes.”

Demon Skin will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 30th September 2021.

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