Demolish & Build 3 Swings In Like A Wrecking Ball

Build & Demolish 3 Logo

Demolish Games has revealed that Demolish & Build 3 is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Playing as the head of a demolition company, you must carry out demolition and construction work around different buildings while managing and expanding your company. There are multiple tools and construction vehicles at your disposal, such as a trusty old hammer, excavators and large cranes.

It won’t all be about demolition, as you will need to buy equipment, hire employees, assign your employees to tasks and look to expand your company headquarters. The orders that you successfully execute will help your company develop, and progression will result in you being challenged with more complicated tasks.

“It’s a new start for the series. In Demolish & Build 3 we offer players a new quality. The game is much better and much more detailed than the previous titles,” explains Demolish Games CEO Paweł Dywelski. “Just to name some of them, we have prepared a realistic demolition system; work with heavy machinery, which accurately reflects how it’s being operated in real life; and all of this balanced between playability and realism.

“One side of Demolish & Build 3 lets the player run and develop the company, and the other allows them to independently carry out construction and demolition works, for example, handle a hammer in their hand or control an excavator. Players will be able to fully realize their destructive and building desires.”

Demolish & Build 3 will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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