Deliver The Greatest Show In The Amazing American Circus On Nintendo Switch

The Amazing American Circus Key Art

Klabater and Juggler Games have revealed that The Amazing American Circus is in development for Nintendo Switch.

You play as the impoverished owner of a travelling Circus, in an experience that blends card, tycoon and adventure genres.

The game will challenge you to “build a wandering circus, collect a strong deck of cards, gather a fantastic troupe of artists and performers and travel across the 19th century United States.”

Setting out to make your enterprise the most incredible show in America, you will participate in a special card duel between you and your audience. You must choose your cards wisely in response to the mood of the crowd, where boredom is your enemy and performances and tricks become your best weapons.

“At Klabater, we are fascinated by history. We develop and publish narrative-driven games that depict vital and thought-provoking moments in life. We are currently focusing on the turbulent times of the late 19th and early 20th centuries,” explains Klabater CEO Michal Gembicki.

“The Amazing American Circus marks a bold third chapter in our ambitious project of games that combine captivating narratives from that era with eye-catching art and compelling gameplay. The best-selling games We. The Revolution and Help Will Come Tomorrow were the first two chapters.”

Juggler Games’ Lukasz Janczuk adds: “The Amazing American Circus blends our unique artistic vision with meticulous gameplay design. My Memory of Us was an important story of two kids escaping an oppressive system through varied logical puzzles. With The Amazing American Circus we want to offer an exotic world of pioneer entertainers, alongside a challenging card game and enjoyable management system.”

The Amazing American Circus will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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