Defibrillate Your Patients In Rhythm Doctor On Nintendo Switch


7th Beat Games has announced that Rhythm Doctor will release on Nintendo Switch, their tough-as-nails one-button rhythm game that takes inspiration from Rhythm Heaven.

In a world where defibrillating a patient’s heart in time with their heartbeat has healing properties, players will be challenged to hit a button in perfect time on the seventh beat to make sure that they can recover.

With 20 handmade levels that each have their own story, players must be aware that every patient has unique illnesses based on complex music theory such as polyrhythms, hemiolas, and irregular time signatures.

The campaign can be played solo or a friend can help out in drop-in drop-out local multiplayer, while each level has a more punishing Night Shift version for those wanting to up the ante.

Rhythm Doctor will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2018.

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