Defend The Skies In Rogue Aces On Nintendo Switch


Infinite State Games has announced that Rogue Aces will see release on Nintendo Switch, a 2D air combat dogfight roguelike in which you will battle for air, sea, and ground supremacy.

There are three planes left in your whole squadron but you are the only pilot left to fly them in a game that the developer describes is all about “hot acrobatic dogfights, heroic mid-air plane-jacking, sweet fully destructible buildings and different-every-game procedural landscape and mission generation shizzle.”

With the chance to steadily upgrade your plane, players can take on 100 randomly generated missions in the Campaign, take off all training aids in the Veteran Campaign, or pit themselves against the clock in Frontline Campaign.

And then there’s a score attack mode called Rogue Ace, non-stop arcade deathmatch dogfighting in Survival mode, and Bomber Defence – which the developer has chosen to keep shrouded in secrecy.

Rogue Aces will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

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