Defend Earth In Space Crew On Nintendo Switch This September

Space Crew Logo

Curve Digital and Runner Duck have announced that Space Crew is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This sequel to strategic simulation game Bomber Crew swaps World War II for outer space, challenging you to defend Earth against a mysterious new alien menace.

That will see you recruit crew members, design your own spaceship and journey across the cosmos. You will control your crew’s moment-to-moment actions, whether that be managing navigation, scanning or combat.

You will need to be more alert than ever, protecting your crew from alien boardings, getting sucked into space, running out of oxygen, system failures, fires and more.

“We at Runner Duck have always been huge fans of sci-fi movies like Alien, Star Trek, Interstellar, and Star Wars,” explains Runner Duck co-founder Dave Wingrove.

“We had so much fun crafting Bomber Crew, we just couldn’t wait to explore all the possibilities a far-future setting would offer. Recruiting your crew for typical space sci-fi positions and then sending them out on missions into the perilous depths of space is an ideal theme for the ‘Crew’ series.”

Space Crew will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in September 2020.

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