Defend Earth From An Armada In Promethium On Nintendo Switch


Promethium will see release on Nintendo Switch, casting players as Commander Braybrook and challenging them to defend Earth from an armada that is headed directly to the planet and leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

Kotaku reports that the game seeks to represent “the oppressive weight of dealing with depression using the mechanics and stylings of a retro blaster.”

Piloting an experimental deep space fighter, developer Byron Atkinson-Jones has taken inspiration from classic Commodore 64 and arcade games to deliver a hard-as-nails retro-inspired side-scrolling shoot-em-up that takes place over increasingly challenging levels.

You must hack and disable shield generators protecting the armada ships before activating a self-destruct code to destroy them – repelling swarms of enemy fighters at the same time that are determined to stop you.

Their destruction will reward you with power pods that can be used to buy power-ups, with some being single-use, others multi-use, and some timed.

Promethium will see release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2017.

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