Defeat The Undead In Dustoff Z On Nintendo Switch

Dustoff Z Screenshot

Zordix Publishing and Invictus Games have revealed that Dustoff Z is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This third game in the helicopter search and rescue combat series has seen the world as we know it become ruined. Relentless undead hordes have reduced civilisation to small groups of survivors that disappear by the day.

You are the world’s remaining hope, a brave and daring police helicopter pilot with a knack for repairing machinery. This will see you pilot helicopters that have been salvaged from vehicles such as retrofitted school buses, before being equipped with zombie-slaying weapons like machine guns, rocket launchers and tesla coils.

You aren’t alone, though. You can hire shooters to use such weapons, helping in your efforts to decimate the zombie population, rescue survivors, protect aid-providing convoys and destroy high-value targets.

Your winch hook can be used to haul in and retrieve supplies, place defenses to help protect your base or even carry zombie corpses so that they can be carried back to your base for analysis.

Dustoff Z will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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