Defeat The ARC Empire In Bullet Age On Nintendo Switch

Bullet Age Artwork

Liv Games and Halfbot have announced that Bullet Age will release on Nintendo Switch, a classic co-op 2D action-platformer in which you will slash and blast your way through the world of New Haven.

Now a complete wasteland after the ARC empire destroyed it with a single Mutagen Bomb, you play as the Gunsword heroes, the last hope for the United Resistance, as they look to stop them from achieving world domination.

That will see you use powerful abilities that you can use to defeat creepy creatures, mutated soldiers and huge bosses, in a mission that spans more than three continents.

Packed with secrets to uncover that HD Rumble will help you locate, Bullet Age supports single Joy-Con support to let you team up with a friend in co-op.

Bullet Age will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in November.

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