Defeat Extraterrestrial Incursions In Habroxia On Nintendo Switch This Week

Habroxia Logo

eastasiasoft and Lillymo Games have revealed that Habroxia will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

Piloting the ship Habroxia, this arcade-style scrolling shooter challenges you to blast your way through extraterrestrial incursions.

With 15 Campaign levels packed with intense boss fights, rescue missions, shifting perspectives, and “untold surprises,” you can customize your ship with persistent upgrades to enhance your abilities – obliterating your enemies with three firing patterns.

You can expect both horizontal and vertical levels, and there are also three endless side modes to unlock.

Habroxia will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 26th priced at £6.99 ($7.99), with a 15 percent pre-order discount.

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