Defeat Demonic Bosses In Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption On Nintendo Switch

Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption Screenshot

Another Indie and Dark Star Game Studios have announced that Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption will release on Nintendo Switch.

You play as Adam, a soldier with a dark past and who is guilty of a great sin. His mind clouded and his past forgotten, an unstoppable force drives him ever forwards on a quest for redemption.

For that, he must face a series of trials in which he must defeat monstrous enemies that are based on the seven deadly sins, after which his history with such beasts will unfold as he draws closer to absolution.

Before each battle, you can choose to sacrifice a part of Adam to receive a permanent debuff that may result in reduced health, strength, or equipment for the entirety of your journey. With each battle being tougher than the last as these debuffs stack, it will be the gear that you are rewarded with upon conquering the trials that will make the hardship worth it.

“Sinner allows the player to choose a difficulty that fits them best while facing off in diverse battles,” explains Another Indie director of developer relations, Iain Garner. “Whether they are in search of the easiest order of bosses to fight or if they want to start the game with the most difficult conditions, Sinner tailors the adventure to them.”

Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q3 2018, priced at $18.99.

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