Decarnation Receives May Release Window

Decarnation Key Art

Shiro Unlimited and Atelier QDB have confirmed a release window for their haunting narrative puzzler Decarnation, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set in Paris, in 1990, struggling cabaret dancer Gloria is at the end of her rope. With her relationships, career and self-esteem all fraying, she accepts a new artistic endeavour which has been sponsored by a mysterious benefactor.

Pitched as “an emotional, startling story-driven experience,” Decarnation has looked to offer a survival story with layered psychological stakes – exploring the contrast between battling limitations in the physical realm and the subconscious landscapes that can’t be escaped.

You must phase in and out of a spine-chilling parallel reality full of demented creatures and unravel twisted minigames to escape Gloria’s maddening prison, key elements from her life coming to her aid to help defeat the monsters that haunt her dreams.

“Decarnation’s grave story, Lovecraftian world, and evocative messages are about to unfold,” explains Atelier QDB founder Quentin De Beukelaer. “Get ready to explore levels that blur the ever-thinning lines between fantasy and reality, and experience the truth of humanity when facing some of the darkest creatures and circumstances imaginable this May!”

Decarnation will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in May 2023.

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