Debut trailer for Wii Play: Motion released

Wii Play Motion Wii

Nintendo have released the debut trailer for Wii Play: Motion, providing a glimpse at some of the title’s twelve innovative mini-games in action.

Solely used to demonstrate the prowess of the Wii Remote Plus, you’ll be able to use your personalised Mii character throughout each of the mini-games – of which we see Wind Runner, Treasure Twirl, Cone Zone, Skip Skimmer and Spooky Search, to name but few, within the trailer below.

Wii Play: Motion is due to release in North America on June 13th, with a later date of June 24th across Europe.

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  1. See, that’s where Nintendo loses me. Games like DK Returns, Mario Brawl are great and extremely fun to play. But this kind of games shown in the video are too kid-directed to me. They could try to broaden their target public. Imagine the possibilities with the wii-mote. I’m not saying they should stop making kid games. I mean, they’re the only ones that do it, but they could try to reach out to gamers like myself and a lot of my friends who want Nintendo Wii to be a little bit more hardcore.

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