Deal With Undesirables In Constructor Plus On Nintendo Switch In Early 2019

Constructor Plus Screenshot

System 3 has announced that Constructor Plus will release on Nintendo Switch, coming packed with more content than Constructor HD which never went on to see release on the portable home console.

With new modes, worlds and Undesirables, you play as a property tycoon who must create a thriving and profitable city in any way that’s possible.

You will build houses, factories and deal with the unreasonable demands of your tenants, soon coming to rely on dodgy deals to go from a small-time slumlord to a filthy rich tycoon.

Constructor Plus has three times as many buildings as Constructor HD and 17 worlds to build your property empire on. There are 65 new pre-built cities to expand, while the new Mission Mode has 15 different story missions to play through that each presents their own challenges and puzzles.

Constructor Plus will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2019.

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