Dead Island Riptide runs on Wii U “without any problems”


It was last week that saw Deep Silver try to provide reasoning behind the decision not to bring Dead Island: Riptide to Wii U.

Yet in response, developer Techland have disputed their comments, international brand manager Blazej Krakowiak revealing that the game engine runs perfectly well on the hardware.

“Chrome Engine runs on Wii U without any problems,” Krakowiak explained to Digital Spy. “We tested and confirmed that long time ago, back in 2012.

“While it’s true that Nintendo’s latest console would be a new platform for us, there were simply no plans to develop a Wii U version, but that decision has nothing to do with a need to rewrite our engine.”

WKrakowiak would not clarify further on why a Wii U version is not in the works, saying it was “up to Deep Silver to discuss if they so choose”.

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