Darkrai To Haunt Pokkén Tournament Arcade From Next Week


Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed that Darkrai will become available as a playable fighter in Pokkén Tournament Arcade next week.

Certain to give your opponent nightmares, Darkrai will become available in the arcade version from Wednesday 20th July. It will appear along with Garchomp, Braixen and Shadow Mewtwo, and is a Technique Pokémon. Stages that appear in the Wii U version will also be added to the arcade version, as well as a new Mission Panel mode that challenges players to achieve objectives within a specified period of time.

Whether the Pitch-Black Pokémon will be added to Wii U exclusive Pokkén Tournament is unclear at this point in time, but gameplay footage shown in the NicoNico stream saw Darkrai occupy a space similarly empty on the game’s character select screen.

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