Dark Pit amiibo exclusive to Best Buy

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Best Buy have confirmed that the Dark Pit amiibo will be exclusive to the retailer in the United States.

While Nintendo of America arrange such exclusivity agreements with their retail partners, they leave it entirely to their discretion as to how they would like distribute them.

Best Buy seem to have learnt from the shortages surrounding Nintendo’s amiibo figures, and have therefore decided to not only sell the Dark Pit amiibo only in their stores across the country but also won’t be taking any pre-orders.

That means that those interested in Pit’s mysterious black-clad doppelgänger will have to visit their local Best Buy store at launch, with the retailer recommending to arrive early as “there will be limited quantities as they will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis with a limit of one per customer.”

The Dark Pit amiibo releases on July 31st in the United States, and will be available exclusively at Best Buy stores.

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