Damon Baker Departs Nintendo Of America After 12 Years

Damon Baker Nintendo of America Photo

After 12 years with the company, Nintendo of America head of publisher and developer relations Damon Baker has announced that he will leave the company “to pursue a new opportunity.”

As to what that is remains unclear at this point, but the Nindie champion has played a crucial role in welcoming games both big and small on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

“As a lifelong and permanent Nintendo fan, I am incredibly honored to have supported the third-party business as an advocate for their amazing work. After 12+ years at Nintendo, I have decided to pursue a new opportunity starting in 2019,” Baker explained on Twitter.

“It has been an incredible journey and one that has allowed me to show my parents that all those long-distance phone calls to the Nintendo Power Line totally paid off!

“While I reflect upon my time with Nintendo, I have heartfelt appreciation for the gaming community as a whole. I am thankful to all the industry developers, publishers, artists, programmers, marketers, media, influencers and all those who play games.

“Your support for great content has helped define this generation of platforms and realize the dreams of many. I am both humbled and proud to be in proximity of that magic.

“This isn’t goodbye as I’m incredibly excited for what’s next! You’ll definitely hear more from me soon. Until then, happy holidays to everyone, be excellent to each other and thanks again for your support of awesome games and the people who make them!”

Baker joined Nintendo of America in August 2006 as the global manager of brand licensing, later becoming head of third-party marketing and communications in July 2009 before moving into his recent role in April 2016.

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