Cypronia reveal Minecraft-inspired Cube Life: Island Survival


Cypronia have become the latest independent developer attempting to fill the void left by Minecraft’s absence on Wii U, sharing their intention to release Cube Life: Island Survival.

The Slovakian developer is beavering away on their own take on the block building open-world survival title, preparing to split your time between separate Creative and Survival modes. Creative will invite you to design and create constructions in a way akin to a game edition, with plans to allow players to post and share their creations with friends online. Whereas Survival will pose more significant danger, challenging players to maintain their own health as they explore an unknown island, wandering through uncharted caves, gathering resources and crafting makeshift shelters to help you survive the night.

Cube Life: Island Survival will launch for Wii U in Europe and North America in Q2 2015.



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