Cyberpunk Puzzler Hyperforma Out On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Hyperforma Logo

HeroCraft and Nord Unit have announced that Hyperforma will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

After merging with an ancient network, you must work to uncover the mysteries that have surrounded a long-forgotten society.

While exploring cyberspace, you will be confronted with ancient masters that guard its secrets and consider you to be an enemy of the system.

With more than 80 levels with mind-boggling puzzles to solve, you must level up and earn new abilities that will allow you to hack into increasingly complex systems – bringing you one step closer to finding the answers that you seek.

The award-winning game was first released for iOS devices and has been “completely redone” to feel native to Nintendo Switch. Those tweaks include UI changes, button mapping, an all-new Versus local co-op mode, and more.

Hyperforma will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 5th priced at £8.09 ($9.99).

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