Cyberpunk-Inspired Disjunction Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Disjunction Logo

Sold Out and Ape Tribe Games have announced that Disjunction is now available on Nintendo Switch.

This single-player cyberpunk-inspired stealth-action RPG is set in the dystopian underworld of a near-futuristic New York City.

You will have the chance to follow the intertwined narratives that connect the game’s three characters – each with their own individual abilities, cybernetic upgrades and talents – as they work to unravel a mystery that will forever change the fate of their city.

Your choices will have real consequences in more than 30 handcrafted non-linear levels, which you can approach however you wish – whether that be in brutal fast-paced combat or sneaking around encounters to avoid confrontation.

“This is the culmination of a three-year passion project for myself and my two brothers who are all huge fans of sci-fi and classic action-RPGs,” explains Ape Tribe Games co-founder Erwan LeCun. “We set out to create a homage to classic games that we love, adding our own take on the cyberpunk genre. We can’t wait to see players experience Disjunction.”

Sold Out product manager Vincent Coates adds: “Disjunction’s absorbing narrative and tense stealth-action gameplay provides a thrilling experience for fans of modern, fast-paced action games and classic stealth-action titles. We’re incredibly excited for players to discover the dystopian world of Disjunction today.”

Disjunction is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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