Cure Moonbury In Potion Permit On Nintendo Switch

Potion Permit Logo

PQube and MassHive Media have revealed that Potion Permit is in development for Nintendo Switch.

After a devastating illness strikes the town of Moonbury, the Medical Association sends you, as their most potent chemist, to help the community.

The town has been wary of the advances of the outside world, but when the Mayor’s daughter falls ill and the local Witch Doctor cannot help her, they were forced to search for help elsewhere. It is up to you to convince them about the wonders of modern alchemy.

After receiving requests from Moonbury’s residents, you will need to diagnose their symptoms to work out which cure to craft. That will then require that you gather the ingredients that you need, defeating the monsters that get in your way before returning to brew the necessary remedy at your cauldron.

Successful treatment will see your approval with the townspeople grow, rewarding you with the chance to upgrade public buildings and expand the explorable areas around the town.

Potion Permit will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2021.

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