Cultural phenomenon Yo-kai Watch prepares to adventure westward


LEVEL-5’s Yo-Kai Watch continued its western advance in today’s Nintendo Digital Event, which spotlighted what is largely recognised to have become a cultural phenomenon in Japan.

Mischievous Yo-kai inhabit our world, but cannot be seen by the human eye. Neither ghosts, monsters nor creatures, their personalities are distinctly humanlike but they are born from the soul of a deceased human or an everyday object discovering its higher purpose.

Early on you will befriend Whisper, exploring the world as you use your Yo-kai Watch to discover other Yo-kai and encourage them to join your team to battle evil Yo-kai. Each have their own skills and strengths, with more than 200 hidden throughout the game. Powering up your Yo-kai Watch and upgrading your supporting Yo-kai is key to success, as you play through the story.

Yo-kai Watch will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS across North America in Holiday 2015, and in Europe in 2016.

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