Cthulhu: Books Of Ancients Unleashes First-Person Horror On Nintendo Switch

Cthulhu: Books of Ancients Screenshot

SimFabric has revealed that first-person horror game Cthulhu: Books of Ancients is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Taking inspiration from H.P.Lovecraft’s novels and Cthulhu mythology, you play as a detective who is searching for six missing children.

After an unknown informant leaves a mysterious note at your door, that search leads you to the library of the University of Miskatonic.

It is here where you will recover clues to help solve the puzzle, using gameplay mechanics that include ancient rituals, summoning and recalling demons, and magic items that are inspired by Cthulhu mythology.

Cthulhu: Books of Ancients will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020-2021.

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