Crytek “working with Nintendo” to bring Crysis 3 to Wii U

crysis 3 wii u

Crytek have confirmed that they “are working with Nintendo” to potentially bring Crysis 3 to Wii U next year.

“I wouldn’t say there’s no chance,” Crysis 3 producer Mike Read explained to CVG. “I wouldn’t say no chance. I mean the Wii U still doesn’t have any kind of release [date] attached to it at this point. Who knows what the future will bring with it.

“I can definitely say that we are working with Nintendo, and that’s about all I can say on that front.”

He continued, “I wouldn’t rule it out, but there has really been no official releases associated with the Wii U yet, and given that we’re releasing Crysis in an eight month time period in February of 2013, we can’t play off of what their schedules are.

“I wouldn’t rule it out, but you know, it is a possibility.”

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