Crytek: Wii U’s dual screen “a novelty at this point”

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Having confirmed that the studio is “working with Nintendo,” Crysis 3 producer Mike Read has shared his thoughts on the Wii U’s use of second screen technologies.

“One thing I really love about the Wii, and I’m not sure Nintendo even realised this when it launched, is that the Wii’s demographic was between the age of six to 60,” he explained to CVG.

“I would gladly give a Wii controller to my three-year-old to play that game, but when I saw the Wii U controller I thought, I’m not sure if I’d give that to my child to play with, that’s an expensive piece of hardware.

“But past that, in terms of the dual screen stuff, I personally believe it’s a bit of a novelty at this point, and if I would to have to point at anything that really moves into next gen, I think it’s cloud gaming.”

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