Crush Colossi In Aztech Forgotten Gods On Nintendo Switch

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Lienzo has revealed that their “Latinx-Futurism cyberstone colossus fighter” Aztech Forgotten Gods is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Set in an alternate history where European powers had never discovered ancient Mesoamerica, the Aztec Empire capital Tenochtitlan has been able to thrive for centuries as a stone metropolis that has become technologically advanced but remaining rooted in the ways of those indigenous to the land. The Gods of their past have faded into distant memory, until now.

When Achtli joins her archaeologist mother Nantsin on an unsanctioned dig, they cause an explosion that awakens stone colossi that are hellbent on destroying the city. Escaping the ruins, Achtli discovers that her prosthetic arm has been replaced with a stone artifact and that there is a being in her mind called Tez that claims his own divinity.

You must set out to crush the colossi and uncover why the Gods had once disappeared, using Achtli’s stone gauntlet as both a makeshift jetpack and devastating weapon. That will see you soar through the sky, run on walls and grind on rails before landing stone-crushing strikes on the colossi.

“Lienzo’s proud to be fleshing out a Mexican story with a Mexican team,” enthuses head or PR and marketing and lead writer Guillermo Vizcaino. “There’s such a rich history behind the Aztecs, and merging that with an anime-inspired story gave us the chance to make something really special.”

Aztech Forgotten Gods will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Fall 2021.

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