Criterion Games nearly developed F-Zero for Wii U


It has seemingly remained dormant since Game Boy Advance’s F-Zero Climax, but this week it has emerged that in recent years Nintendo have explored opportunities to revive their futuristic racing series with the help of third-party developers.

One prospect had been British studio Criterion Games, who, more readily known for their work on the Burnout and Need for Speed series, had been approached by Nintendo of Europe back in 2011.

Unseen 64’s Tamaki (in association with Nintendo Life) reached out to Criterion’s ex-vice president and creative director Alex Ward who confirmed the rumours.

They had been asked to develop an F-Zero title for Wii U, which would have been revealed at E3 2011. Unfortunately for us, the studio were already busy working on Need for Speed: Most Wanted and didn’t have the resources necessary to commit to the game’s development.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto most recently commented on the series back in January, where he discussed: “So, maybe if we create a new type of controller interface and we find one that’s particularly suited to F-Zero then we’ll do something again with it in future.”

That interface may still be discovered on Wii U, but could also likely see F-Zero rise from the ashes on the company’s “next home console,” currently codenamed NX.

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