Create Cube-Shaped Worlds In Happy Birthdays On Nintendo Switch

Happy Birthdays Screenshot

NIS America has announced that Happy Birthdays will release on Nintendo Switch, a new sandbox game where you can create any cube-shaped world that you can imagine.

From Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada, you can shape the geography of the land and alter the temperature of the worlds that you create to encourage life to flourish and witness the birth of an entire ecosystem – whether that be plants, mammals, dinosaurs, and other creatures.

“I drafted this project and served as its creative producer. I would describe this game as a model of the life of a planet,” Wada explained.

“The player can create the land from nothing however they want. By doing so, the planet’s environment changes, and various organisms are born. These organisms then evolve and prosper. It’s a game of epic scope.

“The game itself is quite a realistic simulation, but there are many elements within it that make it simple and enjoyable for the player. I believe this is a game that both little children and adults can enjoy.

“This time, we are bringing it to the Nintendo Switch, which currently has a lot of momentum. I want to use this chance to share the dream-filled, epic world of Happy Birthdays with everyone around the world to enjoy.”

Happy Birthdays will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2018.

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