Conquer The Seas In Corsairs: Battle of the Caribbean

Corsairs: Battle of the Caribbean Screenshot

Microids has announced that its real-time strategy game Corsairs: Battle of the Caribbean will release on Nintendo Switch.

With a gameplay experience that “seamlessly blends tactical combat and management elements,” you will have the chance to command a formidable fleet as you explore the turbulent waters of the Caribbean.

There are exotic islands to explore, hidden treasures to uncover and skilled crew members to recruit who can strengthen your naval forces, competing for supremacy with the chance to align with the French, Danish, Spanish, British or Dutch factions.

With Campaign, Adventure and Skirmish modes, new trading mechanics will challenge you to carefully manage your fleet to work through trade negotiations and defend trading positions. You will be able to upgrade your ships, use a treasure map system, and the Boarding mode has been enhanced with multiple soldier classes and the Captain now able to participate in combat.

“Corsairs holds a special place in both the genre and the history of Microids,” explains Microids COO and DGA Elliot Grassiano. “We are dedicated to preserving its essence while introducing significant enhancements to revive this iconic franchise. We are thrilled to bring this experience to new players and to rekindle the excitement for the nostalgic fans who embarked on the Corsairs adventure two decades ago.”

Corsairs: Battle of the Caribbean will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2024.

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