Corpse Party Prepares To Haunt Nintendo 3DS


XSEED Games has announced plans to release Corpse Party on Nintendo 3DS, a chilling visual novel-style horror adventure created by Team GrisGris.

Having first seen release on PSP, it makes its remastered return with exclusive content never before seen outside of Japan.

Corpse Party sees players take control of a group of Japanese high school students who somehow manage to inadvertently take part in a pagan ritual, the result being that they are transported to an inescapable echo of a demolished school building where gruesome murders once took place.

Promising to take players on a terrifying journey where each step could be their last, it features redrawn, high-resolution character sprites, new music track arrangements, 3D art stills, and four new Extra Chapters that delve into lesser-shown characters and unexplained plot elements.

There will be a limited Corpse Party: Back to School Edition physical release ($49.99), that will contain high-quality miniature figurines of characters Naomi Nakashima and Seiko Shinohara, and a soundtrack CD with nearly 80 minutes of music from the game. Whereas the game will also be available to purchase digitally on the Nintendo eShop ($29.99).

Corpse Party will release for Nintendo 3DS across North America this summer.

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