CoroCoro Comic’s Splatoon Manga Published Online

splatoon manga

CoroCoro Comic has freely shared the third chapter in their Splatoon manga series online, letting us see how it breathes life into Inkopolis.

While Shogakukan’s monthly manga magazine has expectedly published it in their native Japanese language, it hasn’t taken long for fan translations to appear for the 15-page chapter – such as that by Vectorcest.

That sees the Blue Team learn that they will face the Orange Team Army, S+ ranked Inklings whose training sees them dominate Turf War matches by using the Echolator. With the Orange Team Army taking the lead with little challenge, they encounter an unexpected weakness when Goggles randomly decides to eat a mid-match curry!

But, is it enough to score a victory? You’ll have to read through yourself to find out!

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